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Concrete is a safe and easy way to add sophistication to your home while also enhancing the livable space indoors or out and complimenting your existing decorations and furniture. At Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros. we can help you pour many types of concrete, in many different ways.

Concrete can afford many facelifts for your home including concrete driveways, entryways, pool decks, patios, basement floors.

Concrete Patios

Need an outdoor space for entertainment and play?

Create an extension to your backyard and emphasize relaxation and entertainment with a concrete patio. Concrete patios help enhance outdoor living by connecting the home to the outdoor sanctuary. Different styles for patterns and colors can mimic natural stones and match whatever sophisticated groundwork you already have.

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Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are becoming an affordable means of creating something fashionable. Curb appeal can enhance the value of your home no matter the exterior design. Concrete is not only highly durable against the elements but it is very low maintenance.

For anyone with a house on a hill or a yard with a very steep driveway, a concrete driveway can change the elevation or the number of curves, even add extra guest parking on your lot for when family and friends visit from out of town.

If you have a farm house or cabin with a rustic appeal, concrete materials can be combined with colors or stamp patterns to match it effectively. If you have a Spanish style home, concrete is great as a way to withstand the sun. Special measures can be taken against cold weather especially when it comes to the prevention of cracks and frost damage.

Concrete Basement Floors

Basements, for example, can revitalize a space and make it a suitable storage room, office, hobby shop, or family room. With a concrete foundation, the basement floor can enjoy water resistance in the event of floods or pipe damage, mold and rust resistance. It also circumvents any potential rotting, warping, or insect damage with which other materials must contend.

Concrete overlays can enhance the performance and water resistance, while stamps or stains can make your concrete floors look like natural stones or colors to match the furniture and paint in the space.

Concrete Entryways

A concrete entryway serves as a welcoming invitation for guests. It can function as an architectural accent using different patterns, shapes, and colors. With a concrete walkway you can guide guests from the sidewalk all the way to your front door and pour steps at the same time.

Want to give the entire front a facelift?

Precast steps make it easy to pour the concrete walkway, driveway, and entry way at the same time. A concrete entryway can add grandeur to your home design and help offset the exterior colors or distinguishing characteristics in terms of the front door, siding, or roof.

Concrete Pool Decks

If you have a pool, a concrete pool deck and create an inviting area for cooking, socializing, or sunbathing while also enhancing the slip resistance around your pool. Using concrete you can compliment your home's exterior, increase the value of your property, and a data connection from the interior of your home directly to the exterior. Concrete pool decks are safer alternatives to stone or wood especially if you opt for things like exposed aggregate decorations that mix in colored pebbles or stones approximately one eighth of an inch thick. This can add texture and color while creating a comfortable walking area.

Similarly, rock salt finishes can leave a speckled pattern invented into the concrete that gives your pool deck the look of weathered rocks, perfect for the well landscaped yard.

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At Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros., we can help you not only figure out what concrete to use for your next project but how to maintain your entryway, full deck, or driveway. We can help you reseal your driveway or your deck every two years and protect it against things like weather damage or vehicle traffic damage.

If you are interested in using concrete or your next project, we can help you go over which type of concrete is best, and explain how our professionals will safely pour the concrete to your satisfaction.

Reach out to the professionals at Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros. to learn more about your concrete options.

Not ready for a full concrete replacement? Looking for minor repairs? We can handle that too. Learn more about our professional crack filling and patching services or our professional seal coating options.

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