Asphalt Paving Columbus OH


When you need a new asphalt paving job or cracks to be repaired, Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros. is here for you. We pride ourselves on flexibility, putting our customers first and finding ways to meet customer needs and schedules.

How to Contact

You can reach out to us by phone or online. When you contact us, a member of our staff will talk you through the different services we provide.

If you already know what it is you want, we can discuss things like schedule, pricing, and additional services. If you don't know what you want, we can talk you through the situation, help you assess what it is you need or prefer. You might notice some cracks in your driveway but you don't know what they are called or what is required to fix them.

Our team can help you over the phone and where our help ends on the phone, our contractors can pick it up in person when they arrive to give you an estimate.

Ready to get started?

Reach out to Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros. for your paving needs.

Call us at 614-347-0876 to make your appointment today.

What Happens Next…

When you contact us, we will send a professional team to your home or office to provide an estimate.

Our contractors will review what you want done, assess how long it should take, how many people are needed to make the job happen to your satisfaction, and what the total cost will be.

Once you and the contractors have agreed to the estimate, we will work with you to set a date.

Prefer repairs over a new job?
Our contractors provide top of the line seal coating, crack filling and patching.

Want multiple services?
Not a problem. When our contractors arrive at the scene to give an estimate, they can review multiple services at once such as asphalt paving, crack filling, line stripping, or concrete pouring.

In a rush?
Let us know and we can expedite your task.

Need us to work after hours?
Tell us when you first reach out and when we provide an estimate. our contractors are happy to work outside of your regular business hours for commercial asphalt paving so that the job can be done with limited interference for your day-to-day operations.

With the date set, our contractors will arrive on scene ready to get started. If they need anything from you in preparation for the services, they will tell you ahead of time so that nothing catches you off-guard.

Once everything is done, you will be told by the contractors how long you must wait before you can use your new surface and any additional maintenance you should take up with regularity. If you have a new concrete driveway, for example, our contractors may suggest that you get touch-ups and maintenance done every two years.

If something isn't quite right when all the dust has settled, let us know and we will send a team back out to fix it.

Ready to get started?

Reach out to Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros. for your paving needs.

Call us at 614-347-0876 to make your appointment today.