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There are many types of cracks and damage that need repairs. Far too often homes and businesses ignore things that look like minor cracks and within the span of a few short months, something that was once a small problem is now a big problem.

Most asphalt damage can be avoided with proper installation and subsequently, preventative maintenance. But no matter how well installed your asphalt might have been or how well you have maintained it, the elements and time can combine to result in small signs of damage.

Thankfully, we can help with crack filling and crack patching no matter how big or small.

Different Types of Cracks

Not all cracks are created equal. In fact, when your asphalt starts to show signs of damage, whether it is a driveway, commercial parking lot, entryway, or patio, it's important to determine what type of crack it is and what type of repair you need.

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Alligator Cracks

Alligator cracking or alligator cracks are formally referred to as fatigue cracking. Fatigue cracking happens when your asphalt is overloaded. If you have problems with your subbase or the pavement is too thin, the asphalt can get overloaded and start to crack. This is something you might notice after you invest in a second car and have two vehicles parked on an asphalt driveway that formerly supported one.

Block Cracks

Block cracks are named because of the rectangular like block shapes they create. When these cracks appear in your asphalt they are generally interconnected, so you won't just see one block. When your asphalt binder shrinks and expands because of inclement weather, these cracks appear. Most of the time this means the mix used when your asphalt was laid was simply too dry.

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks, as the name suggests, are cracks that take place along the edge or perimeter of your pavement. The most common cause of edge cracks is heavy vegetation. If, for example, you have an asphalt driveway and on either side you have a lot of vegetation without any support structures to form a border in between the two, you will notice edge cracks over the years creep their way along the perimeter. This is particularly true if any of that vegetation is on a slope and regularly towns the pavement so to speak when the weather gets bad.

Longitudinal Cracks

If you notice cracks running parallel to your pavement center Line, it is referred to as longitudinal cracking. This is simply caused by bad joint construction along the longitudinal points.

Slippage Cracks

Slippage cracks take place when do you have a bad bond between your pavement layers or the asphalt mix used is too weak. Slippage cracks are easily identifiable from the others because they look like stretch marks, stretching out over your paved driveway, walkway, parking lot or any other area.

Traverse Cracks

If you have problems with your underlying layer of asphalt, you might notice transverse cracking. Transfers cracking takes place perpendicular to your pavement center line.

Crack Filling

No matter which of these you have, we can help. With our cracked filling services, we can stop any additional damage by filling the cracks in your pavement with a hot sealant. This hot sealant adheres to your asphalt, prevents natural elements like dirt, debris, or water from further penetrating the asphalt and causing additional breaks and cracks.

Crack Patching

If your property has potholes, we can help you fill those holes with crack patching. Our patching process uses specific tools to remove the damaged pavement. After that, we remove any leftover debris or plant life. To ensure we avoid any future problems, our contractors will repair the foundation in the damaged area so that the asphalt has a sturdy base. Finally, we will fill the pothole with either a hot or cold mix depending on the size and the weather, and with specific machinery, tamp it down.

Time Matters

Time is of the essence. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to avoid small cracks noticeable in their pavement but with time those cracks will only get bigger. Something as simple as an alligator crack can eventually become a massive pothole and if left unfilled can compromise the Integrity of the entire surface.

Still not sure? Perhaps you have more than one of these cracks? Not a problem. When you reach out to the Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros. team, we will send contractors to your property to assess the situation, confirm which types of damage you are facing, and provide you with an estimate for the potential cost of repairing.

Once you accept the estimate, we will get started right away to fix whatever problems you have.

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