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If you have a multi-family property or commercial property, maintaining a safe parking lot is one of the most essential components to proper maintenance.

While most people think of crack filling, paving over potholes or depressions in a parking lot, an often overlooked but equally important component to maintaining your asphalt paving is line striping.

Having clearly marked lines keeps your facility in working order. But when should you consider a new round of line striping for your parking lot and what does the process entail?

At Columbus Asphalt Paving Pros, we bring years of experience in asphalt paving and line striping services so we can help you make an informed decision when it comes to your proper maintenance for your parking lot.

Why You Need Line Striping

Whether you need parking for visitors, multiple families in a single unit, employees, or customers, it's imperative that you have highly visible parking spaces that are well-marked. Up-to-date line striping is essential for commercial properties that need to maintain ADA compliance by keeping clean and orderly handicap accessible spaces available.

Clean and clear lines are instrumental in the functionality of a parking lot or a driveway but more than that, they go a long way to improve the appearance. No matter how nice your facility might be, your rental property, or your business, worn-out lines that are impossible to detect can give off a sense of dilapidation that takes away from your profits. With proper line striping you can show visitors that you care not only about the appearance of your building but about them.

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When to Get New Line striping

But when is it time to invest in new lines? Even if you visit your company every day, it's easy enough to pull into your parking spot, the same parking spot you have used for years, without realizing that it's time to upgrade those lines. There are a few key factors that indicate it's time for new line striping:

If you are interested in commercial asphalt paving services, we recommend utilizing line striping immediately after the finished product has been given the go-ahead. Our team of contractors can give you an estimate based on the number of spaces you want, whether the entire lot has to be repaved and all the new spaces painted, and whether you need things like lettering, numbering, arrows, or crosswalks.

What to Expect with Line Striping

If you are ready to go ahead with new line striping, there are a few things to do first. When we come to give you an estimate, our contractors will look for any areas of your pavement that are buckled, damaged, or cracked. It's important to have cracking repairs or paving done before you paint new lines.

Depending on what needs to be redone, it'll be important for you to arrange for alternate parking for your residence, visitors, employees, or customers especially if the line striping is scheduled during regular business hours.

In addition to shutting off any sprinkler systems to ensure that everything is dry, the area will have to be cleaned so there is no trash or dirt inhibiting the bonding process for the paint.

Not sure if it is time for new line striping? Let us be your fresh eyes. We can send contractors to examine your driveway or parking lot and make sure we can confidently see the lines and the paint is clear. If it isn’t we can arrange for an appointment to fix it outside of regular business hours.

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